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HESPERIDARIUM is an interneational garden famous for over 200 different varieties of citrus fruits from all over the world.

HESPERIDARIUM - IL GIARDINO DEGLI AGRUMI - THE FIRST BOTANIC GARDEN DEDICATED TO THE ORNAMENTAL CITRUS PLANTSAN INTERNATIONAL GARDEN famous for over 200 different varieties of citrus fruits from all over the world. It is not an orchard but a real botanic garden where one can admire ancient cultivar from the Medicean epoch from the year 500 , rare and exotic varieties from the far orient and also new more modern varieties originating from the Australian Continent. With 2000 square metres in extent the main large greenhouse acts as a coverage for the park protecting it from the weather and permitting one to visit it in all seasons. The park takes the visitor by surprise with a new route full of curiosity and offers the general public unaccustomed to this field a particularly exhilarating experience. The collection of plants are set out in pathways and green tunnels with fountains and large statues inspired by the fable of Pinocchio. The park of the most famous string puppet in the world is only 2 klms from the INTERNATIONAL CITRUS FRUIT GARDEN.

A family story with an aim that looks towards the future. It was in 1963 that Oscar Tintori the founder of the concern in Pescia which still bears his name decided to convert the activity of floriculture into that of the growth of ornimental citrus fruits. The passion for this type of plant and the way in which it is produced in layers gave excellent results and achìeved such convincing success that it is said "the risk was worth taking". In fact after delving into history one discovers that Tuscany has always played an important role in the delicate art of citrus fruits grown in vases. It is sufficìent to consider the Rinaissance villas and in particular the Valdinievole area for its induvidual pedoclimatic conditions which favour this ideal territory for citrus fruits. All this has helped to create a success story which has permitted the Tintori family to become famous in Europe for a range of products which now also cover the accessories for the perfect care of plants, and obviously citrus fruits, apart from the by-products for jams and honey.
But the inventive genius must be rooted in this family who are now in the third generation, and obviously not without satisfaction, have decided to offer a project that will certainly mark an important step in their destiny. In fact by visiting the extraordinay Citrus Fruit Garden in which one can admire over two hundred varieties that the family has collected it is possible to gain a concrete coneept of Biodiversity which appears to be gravely threatened today. An extraordinary richness of shapes and colour charaeterize a path, where, between an Australian desert citrus fruit and a strange variety of fruits in the shape of a hand, help to form a beautiful exhibition in themselves along with the sculptured outlines of Pinocchio who was created a few steps from here.

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