Chianti Sculpture park

Inside the Chianti sculpture park an Amphitheatre/sculpture has been created to offer visitors a rich programme of concerts and cultural events.

Chianti sculpture park - Siena

Pievasciata, a tiny village in the heart of the Chianti region, is being transformed into a contemporary art centre.
The focal point, the Chianti Sculpture Park, a permanent exhibition of sculptures and installations, is an integral part of a mystical wooded area.
Inside the Park an Amphitheatre/sculpture has been created to offer visitors a rich programme of concerts and cultural events.
Opposite the Park there is a sculpture gallery in the old pottery workshop
La Fornace. And that’s not all …Enter our world!
There are three distinctive characteristics of the Park:
- integration of art and nature,
- diversity of cultures, represented by artists from all over the world,
- variety of materials.

Each artist has been invited to visit the wood in order to choose a location and subsequently submit a site-specific proposal.
This accounts for the harmony of the sculptures with the trees, the sounds, the colours, the light, and other elements of the wood.
In fact, these man-made works do not extend beyond the limits of nature; rather, they integrate with it and enhance it.

The Chianti Sculpture Park was conceived and realized by Rosalba and Piero Giadrossi, both passionate about contemporary art.
They chose seven hectares (17 acres) of an untouched wood of ilex and oak trees, already fenced because it was previously used to raise wild boars.
After five years of work, the Park was inaugurated in May 2004. Since then there have been  important additions: a Labyrinth in 2007, the sculpture Falling Leaf in 2008, and in 2009 the Amphitheatre.
So far the Chianti Sculpture Park is the only example of site-specific contemporary art in the province of Siena.

Chianti sculpture park - SienaARTISTS
Pilar Aldana Mendez(Colombia)
Nicolas Bertoux(Francia)
Kim Hae Won(Corea del Sud)
Kei Nakamura(Giappone)
Dolorosa Sinaga(Indonesia)
Neal Barab(USA)
Benbow Bullock(USA)
Yasmina Heidar(Egitto)
Johannes Pfeiffer(Germania)
Christoph Spath(Germania)
Xavier Barrera Fontenla (Argentina)
Roberto Cipollone(Italia)
Vincent Leow(Singapore)
Ursula Reuter Christiansen (Danimarca)
Kemal Tufan(Turchia)
Dominic Benhura(Zimbabwe)
William Furlong(Inghilterra)
Cor Litjens(Olanda)
Jeff Saward(Inghilterra)
Costas Varotsos(Grecia)
Mauro Berrettini(Italia)
Anita Glesta(Australia)
Federica Marangoni(Italia)
Jaya Schuerch(Svizzera)
Adriano Visintin(Italia)

The Chianti Sculpture Park is an indispensable stopping-place not only for art lovers but for anyone who wishes to experience the delights of a walk through nature while admiring fascinating works of art.
The visit is suitable for persons of every age and is made on foot along a walking path of 1 km, passable also with a child’s pushchair or a wheelchair.

Opening hours:
Daily from 10:00 am to sunset
From November to March it is advisable to call first:: +39 0577-357151

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