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Itineraries in Tuscany represent in the best way the good living, a region that express at the highest level art, history, culture, crafts and eno-gastronomy, that region is without dubt Tuscany.

If there is a region that represent in the best way the good living, a region that express at the highest level art, history, culture, crafts and eno-gastronomy, that region is without dubt Tuscany. If you are going to plan an itinerary in Tuscany, you'll have the possibility to catch the richness and the beauty of each city or town that characterize it: maybe getting through cities such as Siena, Arezzo, Firenze, Pienza, Montalcino, Cortona or San Gimignano, you could immerse in the sweetness and the qiuet of its soft and wavy countries, you will enjoy the view of typical towns and characteristic historic centres, of the perfumes of the best typical products and of the politeness and the warmth of people.

Itineraries in TuscanyYou could begin your itinerary in Tuscany from the south, maybe from the province of Grosseto, having a top not only in the capital, to taste the best typical products, to eat in one of the local restaurants and to sleep in one of the agritourisms or farmhouses that you can find on, but also along the coast or in the town of Pitigliano. Keep going on your itinerary in Tuscany, you could get deeply into the province of Siena, and you could visit the famous towns of Pienza, very well-known for its cheese, of Montalcino, that produces red wines of a very good quality, but you could also restore your spirit in the notorious town of San Gimignano, maybe having a launch in one of the heating houses of the area. In the choice between various Tuscany itineraries you canìt forget to see the wonderful cities of the province of Arezzo, such as Montevarchi or Cortona, abolutely a must-to-see city.

Porta LakeItineraries in TuscanyArt, cooking, culture: if you'll decide to choose an itinerary in Tuscany you'll find all of this, everything at an excellent level. Then, if you're searching for the best, you have to visit the wonderful and universally-known city of Florence, with its museums, its history, its agritourisms, its restaurants, its typical products and its pubs to have fun during the whole day. A walk in the centre of Florence represent an exciting trip to the discovery of history, of culture and of tradition.
Iineraries in Tuscany represents a trip to the research of roots, an immersion in culture and nature, where sensations, tastes and perfumes restore the soul of the traveller and restore one's energies of body and mind.
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