Outlet Tuscany

Outlet in Tuscany: Barberino Designer Outlet and Valdichiana Outlet Village

Barberino Designer Outlet :
Barberino Designer OutletBarberino Designer Outlet
differs from traditional retail shops thanks to an innovative and original style.The Outlet lies along the two banks of a little river called Sieve and can be considered as a real shopping village, where every single shop is spacious and meets the requirements of customers.The sales area has been designed in order to combine the needs of modern shopping with the pleasure of tradition.
Convenient and spacious parking lots are free of charge and within easy distance from the Outlet complex, which has been designed like a small village in tuscan style and comprises two-storey builidings resembling Renaissance houses and monuments.
The architectonic diversity of every single building creates harmonious colour effects and combines marvellously with the surrounding environment. Walking along the path that connects the whole village you can find shops as well as small squares filled with coffee bars, pastry shops and restaurants. Here wonderful surroundings enhance the high quality of leading brands.
Barberino Designer Outlet is the perfect place for refined customers who love beauty in every single form. The clear and dynamic arrangement of spaces helps you to find rapidly what you are looking for enhancing at the same time the quality and the uniqueness of products..
The Outlet village offers a pleasant experience for the whole family, who here can spend the entire day shopping and relaxing in one of the self-service restaurants or coffee-bars. The Outlet is suitable for adults as well as for children of all ages, since it’s safe and provides a play area, toilets with baby-changing facilities and benches along the walking path. Moreover, shops are accessible for parents with children in baby carriages and strollers. The entire village is accessible for weel-chairs and for physically disabled persons and it’s equipped with disabled toilets.

055 842161

Valdichiana Outlet Village:
Valdichiana Outlet Village was the first outlet village to be built in Tuscany. A shopping environment created to reflect the ambience of a real Tuscan village with squares, roads, open galleries, terraces and bridges. A centre with covered arcades that lead to the main square, Piazza Maggiore, where people meet to chat, have a coffee, greet their friends and go shopping.
The categories of products present satisfy even the most demanding customers; men's, women's and children's clothing, sports accessories, footwear, leather items, household items, perfumes, cosmetics, watches, rugs, household appliances, products for fixed-line and mobile phones, household linen, furnishing accessories, optical products, sunglasses and gift items.

The strong points:
90 shops
hundreds of national and international brands
1,000 m2 kids play area
refreshment area with 3 restaurants, 4 bars and 1 ice-cream parlour
reductions from 30% to 70% on the retail price .

More information
Phone. 0575 649926
Fax 0575 642549
Valdichiana Outlet Village

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